About US

LEVEL7 is a private limited real estate engineering, design, construction and project management company peopled by young, dynamic professionals and experts, who always strive towards utmost customer satisfaction. It is this customer-focused approach and the continuous quest for world-class quality that keeps us ahead of the ruthless competition. 

The company's philosophy and brand values centre around honesty, hard work and transparency. An eye for detail, never-ending research, and the adamant promise of delivering quality every single time are the attributes that we thrive to build upon. We set our own benchmarks, be it quality, cutting-edge designs or state-of-the-art execution of those designs, we aim for the best.

We know that only hard work can help us establish our name in this competitive field, and believe in letting our work cut through the clutter to lead the industry. This is why we have an impressive portfolio with some big names as our clients.

We’re driven by robust engineering practices, uncompromising business ethics, and values in all spheres of businesses that we conduct. With our vision firmly set on delivering to our customers high quality at low costs, we’ve set out to make our clients happy and proud owners of homes and offices. We strongly believe that speed and accuracy have to be balanced when it comes to building someone’s dream.

Our passion-driven young team believes in simplifying things, offering engineering alternatives to increase the cost-effectiveness of projects, fast-tracking schedules wherever possible and completing projects within the stipulated time. We are always looking to adapt technological advancements, re-setting goals continuously with integrated processes and interaction among the committed team members.

We boast of ourselves as a company with diverse talents and skill sets. The company’s leadership pyramid offers a dynamic atmosphere in which talent and creativity go hand-in-hand and everyone is motivated to give their best. We don’t just acknowledge hard work and achievements; we nurture and reward them. We are an organisation that provides jobs and opportunities to excel, and have, over the years, accumulated some of the best talents in this field and thus built a formidable team of skilled employees and professionals.

Clear communication helps understand the client's vision, and make that the focus of everything we do. We have inculcated this thought in every team member, so much so, that now, customer satisfaction comes naturally to us. We believe in fostering trust and caring, a culture of constantly learning newer ways of doing things, and giving back to the society.

We Constantly Strive To

Be the best in the industry and to work towards absolute customer satisfaction by working diligently,and to excel in:

  • Ergonomic design innovation

  • Using state-of-the-art technology

  • Maintaining world-class quality

  • Research and customer satisfaction

  • Uncompromising business ethics

We're in the Pursuit Of

  • Building a company that sustains on processes driven by a customer-centric approach.

  • Completing to perfection every single job that we undertake.

  • Redefine turnkey services by timely and cost-effective completion of projects.

  • Being an organization that provides jobs and opportunities, nurtures talent, expertise and growth.

  • Besting ourselves in all possible ways to deliver world-class quality to our clients.