Innovation in architecture is a significant aspect of our projects at LEVEL7. Using aspects of creativity, inspiration and with a customer-centric approach, we ensure that each project is approached uniquely. That’s why our architectural solutions boast of helping clients meet their immediate requirements as well as retain foresight to help their businesses in the long-term.

We are able to do this due to our ability in coming up with innovative designs and the extensive experience of our engineers.

With the help of years of experience working on numerous projects, we have fine-tuned our

design process, perception and ability to exceed client requirements.

Our architectural design is a product of an all-encompassing design process. The process starts with the most important step - understanding the needs of the client. We dedicate significant amount of time and effort in familiarising ourselves with the client’s business nature, long-term view, vision and expectations from the project.

The step requires us to take a deep look into the hurdles and challenges that await us when translating this vision into reality. Since, timelines on a project are dependent on multiple factors, we take every necessary step to anticipate challenges and prepare for them before-hand. Using design as a way to counter future challenges helps clients to save on costs and time.

Along the way, we set aside space for constant consultation with the client and to ensure that they form an important part of the process. This helps them alleviate any apprehensions and allows us to keep the project on track. That is how we remain motivated and effective in all our projects.

In order to perfect any art, you need experience. To translate your design visions into reality, we at LEVEL7, house a team of seasoned professionals who have gone from strength to strength in their career. Our diverse team is experienced in Design-Build construction delivery procedures and specialises in providing innovative and efficient solutions for our clients.

We mesh with an innate understanding of materials, skilled labour, costs and practical experience of construction. With an unique mix of knowledge and appetite, we provide the best value-for-money to our clients on a continuous basis.

By creating a combination of experience and youth, we deliver projects successfully with vigour and business-wisdom. Leveraging key capabilities in coordination, communication and team play, we are able to ensure that we stand the test of practical scenarios in our projects.The first need of the process is understanding the information available with the client. If the client already has a clear vision of the project, the scope, budget, goals and schedule, then the architect picks up the project from there.

In case the above mentioned pre-requisites are not provided by the client, then the design and construction team members sit down with the client to prepare the documentation for the project. This is an essential part of the project, since it lays the foundation and provides the blueprint for the upcoming work.

Next, the construction team is involved in the process in order to anticipate on-ground problems, issues and take that into consideration for the design process. This impacts the cost, timeline, quality and practical implementation of the design. The process also includes a brainstorming process with the construction and engineering team to ensure that any anticipated issues can be nipped in the bud. As a result, when the construction begins, the estimated timeline can be maintained and no further issue is encountered.

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