Construction that’s Fundamentally all Home, Heart, and Soul.

What’s Our Construction Stor(e)y?

At LEVEL7, we provide a range of holistic Construction services - everything from construction management to general contracting across sectors. Our modus operandi includes three key factors: timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and a quality-centric approach.

We believe that it is because of mutual trust and shared goals that we have managed to master the art of keeping our clients happy, while generating goodwill in the construction circles.

That's not all. Never shying away from taking on Construction Projects that are set in concrete, our singular focus towards our customers ensures that each project addresses all their concerns and delivers value that can be both, measured and endorsed.

So let’s deep dive into the diverse services we provide and understand how you can benefit from our association.

Your Single Source of Contact for All Things Construction


We start by investing time and energy into understanding your concerns and how effectively we can address them. Then, we fix a meeting to discuss the same in order to avoid any information gap.


In this stage, we get into the specifics like discussing the project details, and understanding budget limitations and desired timelines. At the same time, we present our working processes to you. Next, we focus on scheduling a site visit - mandatory for any project. Finally, we provide an estimate budget, scope of work, and our fees and agreements so that we're all on the same page.

Concept Designing

An integral part of any project, we engage in discussions pertaining to the design concept. Once it's frozen, we demonstrate 3D views for greater clarity and finally, take a sign-off on the finalized design.

Pre-Construction Surveying

We provide on-spot surveying services which include producing drawings/documents for all statutory approvals, generating BOQ as per the approved plans, sharing project timeline upon fulfillment of BOQ, mobilizing labor/equipment to setup site infrastructure, and lastly conducting a joint site meeting to discuss the work schedule in detail.


Our team brings to the table extensive, specialized knowledge that offers a seamless project building experience. Whether it’s understanding the bidding process or staying within the budget, we know our way through the contracting process like a pro!

Project Planning

Our project planning skills help you get a better understanding of the project costs involved so that you can burn any logistic or financial bridges that may come your way.


In this phase, the work commences as per the mutually agreed project schedule. We also conduct weekly meetings with the client and draft M.O.Ms for increased efficiency. At the same time, care is taken to ensure regular checks are conducted for quality, safety, and inspection book.


No work is left incomplete or in a mess - literally and figuratively. We conduct a professional cleaning of the site before handover. Additionally, we look forward to feedback for our performance review. Coming back a full circle, we conduct a final site meeting and handover the project once we get our client's approval.

If you’re looking for a consultant that can guide you in your quest for world-class constructions, look no further. Whether it’s space planning you’re concerned about or electricals or even roofing/flooring - we engage in all kinds of services.