Engineering Services

Engineering Services - (Maintenance,Demolitions and Renovation works, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC related works.)



Construction and development needs are generally a one-time affair that only last till the completion of the project. However, there’s a bigger recurring need once the project is completed. There’s requirement for regular facilities maintenance and support in plant, office and commercial structures in order to ensure that the high standards of operation remain in place and in working order!

Similarly, many organisations require help to manage and maintain their multiple assets across diverse locations. In order to best utilise their resources for maximisation of shareholder value, companies need to focus on their core services and outsource cost-centric services such as asset and facilities maintenance.



To build anything new, you first need to demolish the old. However, demolition in itself is nothing difficult, but extracting financial value from demolition of an asset requires market know-how and experience.

That’s why companies across the nation choose us to help them with demolition services. It begins with inspecting the asset to understand its current value, advantages and weaknesses. Accordingly, the asset will be dismantled. This also allows the client to refocus their energies on the new development instead of tinkering with the demolition of an outdated asset.



Renovation engineering is usually required when a building or a structure needs to be repaired, replaced or re-established in a desired condition. As such, renovation engineering offers a holistic approach to wide range of services including extensive repairs, building facades, servicing structures for long-term service or even cosmetic repairs for an attractive display.


Structural Engineering

By using state-of-the-art tools, extensive industry experience and creative inspiration, we are able to deliver sustainable and energy efficient solutions for our client’s structural engineering needs. This includes offering detailed structural design using international standards, structural fabrication drawing, site coordination, structural shop drawing and finite element analysis and remodelling.


Electrical Engineering

Our team consists of core specialists that are dedicated for specific areas such as instrumentation, process control, power, motor etc. As part of our electrical engineering services, we provide Single Line Diagrams (SLD) cable schedule, hazardous area classification drawing, electrical GA drawing, wiring drawing etc.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Whether you’re building a residential space, commercial plaza or a full-scale warehouse, HVAC is a must if you want to maintain optimum internal conditions. They help manage the internal climate of a building and allows the occupant adapt with the external conditions. In some cases like warehouse, it can also help create a desired environment for sustainability of raw materials.

In such cases, knowing that your HVAC project is being handled by licensed and experienced professionals helps. Our team of engineers come equipped with years of extensive hands-on experience in handling, managing and implementing HVAC systems. They take care in understanding the requirement of the project and accordingly design solutions.


Plumbing Services

Plumbing engineering is an integral aspect in provide functionality and security to any building. It overlaps with civil engineering, process engineering and in certain aspects, mechanical engineering as well.

While ensuring proper plumbing allows drainage and sewage, it also works to add fire security programs to the building structure. As such to ensure safety and security of the tenants or inhabitants of the structure, ensuring proper plumbing becomes significant.