Interior Design

LEVEL7 is committed to making your space look beautiful inside out!

In order to make your homes and workstations look aesthetically appealing, we as turnkey solution providers, are here to make lives easier for you as you struggle to get every piece of décor right. From planning the design layout to project installation, our interior design professionals are not just skilled, but also, exceptionally passionate about their work. What helps us make your dreams come alive is the right communication between our design masters and clients. We ensure that every minute detail is covered when our customers see the end result.

To ensure that the entire process of having an interior designer on board for your project goes smoothly, we at LEVEL7 follow a simple procedure, one that involves open communication and is hassle-free.

Our designers manage assessment, make an estimate and plan the design, work around the budget, keeping in mind the timelines oversee the construction without missing out on any details and finally, help with installation of the project. Whether it’s a renovation project or an all-new facility, our design professionals work with equal zest, ensuring that our clients are the happiest with the build.

When it comes to rebuilding a space with some personality, LEVEL7 interior artists obtain as much information as they can about the purpose, culture and requirement of the space. This helps them understand what detailing to bring in the room and what palettes to go for. 

Apart from that, we also suggest ideas and give inputs based on our knowledge and experience. After a complete survey, an apt design is generated based on current and future requirements.

At LEVEL7, our services include:



After assessing your space, our interior designers will create a design by putting all their expertise, knowledge and experience into the project. Because we work with our clients as a team, we will try and incorporate all their suggestions into our design to ensure that we bring their vision alive using our expertise. Of course, in the end, we will come to a mutual decision and go for what works the best!


Colour Palettes

Our experts in the field of interior design are the best people  to go to when it comes to designing your space. From choosing the color palettes to the themes and making the right use of the space, they know it all. Trust them to guide you along the way of building a dream project, collaboratively.



At LEVEL7, our design professionals, with their creative hats on, will surprise you with artwork that is supremely classy and praiseworthy. Be it a small home or a large complex, our experts know exactly where what will look appealing. Accordingly, the artwork will be incorporated into the project. Once you get our LEVEL7 interior designer experts on board for your project, be assured that your entire project is managed with utmost detailing and care. From looking into the artwork, design and colors to construction and installation of the project, every little thing associated with your project is under their scanner and in the right hands.